24/7 Taxi Services

24 hours B6 Armored & Soft Skin Taxi Services in Kabul city

Do you need to get somewhere in Kabul after a meeting or after a night out with friends? Why ruin your day by dealing and hassling in order to find transportation in Kabul? Afghan Logistics & Tours Pvt.Ltd (ALT) operate a very prompt and exclusive taxi services in Kabul that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Our time management and organization will ensure that you reach those meetings or social events punctually and without worrying about the transport back all you have to do is call us and we’ll be there. Let us take the responsibility to take and bring you back safely, happily and hassle-free all-over Kabul.

There are two easy options to use our 24 hours taxi services in Kabul city

Option Number 01

You can book your taxi by phone call or by e-mail to call or e-mail our  24 hours Dispatch Office please click here.

Below are our 24 hours Soft / Sedan Taxi Services rates for Kabul city

  • Rates of our 24 hours taxi services for our Toyota Corolla cars are …

  • 10 US$ or equivalent to AFN per pick up within the central parts of the Kabul city,

  • 20 US$ or equivalent to AFN per pick in the following areas of the Kabul city

  • The south of the city, which is defined by the Jalalabad road

  • The west of the city which is defined by the Old Palace

  • The north of the city which is defined by Khair Khana

  • The East of the city which is defined by the New Road which leads to Bagram air Base.

For B6 Armored 24 hours Taxi services rates please contact our office by clicking here:

Option Number 02

If you travel to Afghanistan frequently or you have a business or job there and you cannot rent a  B6 Armored Vehicle or Soft Skin Vehicle on daily,  weekly or long term basis and you are looking for a discounted taxi services rates  ALT have a better solution for you we have 24 hours taxi services in Kabul and you can book four type of cars via our instant and pre-booking  taxi services provided by our high-end and world -class mobile phone application please visit https://www.afghanlogistics.net and download our application sign up and use our  24/7 taxi services it works exactly like Uber and Lyft in United States, you can pay cash or by credit card and debit card, you can see your trip price estimate under each type of car in US$ and AFN  prior the taxi request once the trip is completed an e-receipt will be sent to your e-mail address which is attached to your account with ALT Passenger Application also at the end of each month you will get a system generated invoice for your total taxi services usage balance that you can claim your money back from your entity or organization.

Note:  Using our 24 hours B6 Armored and Soft Skin Taxi Services through our application is at least 20 to 30 % cheaper than dispatch-based taxi services.

Below are some demo pics of our B6 Armored and Soft Skin Vehicles 24/7 taxi services Application.

How to find in IOS and Android?

See below demo pics

How to use?

See below demo pics

ALT provide a wide-range of secure 24 hours taxi services in Kabul where most of other Afghan Taxi Services Companies cannot provide.
All vehicles of our fleet whether for 24 hours taxi, rental or lease services are subject to the same stringent quality control. Please see Our Fleet Policy for details.

Cancellation policy: For our 24 hours B6 Armored and Soft Skin Taxi services via our mobile phone application is the base rate, if the client cancels a booking our system atomically charge client’s Card the base rate as cancellation fee if the client does not have a card added in his / her account the cancellation fee would be added to here / his next trip charge.

Below is a Demo E-receipt which will be sent to your e-mail address at the end of each trip
From: info@afghanlogisticstours.com <info@afghanlogisticstours.com>
Sent: Tuesday, October 2, 2018 9:22 PM
To: john.Jackson@gmail.com
Subject: Payment made successfully!


If you need support to download, sign up and use our 24 hours B6 Armored and Soft Skin Taxi Services via our world-class App please contact us by clicking here.

For terms & conditions of our services please  click here