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Buy A New or Used Car in Kabul / Afghanistan

Afghan Logistics & Tours Pvt.Ltd (ALT) provide a wide-range of new and used cars sales services in Kabul / Afghanistan where most of other Afghan Dealerships and Afghan Car Sales Companies cannot provide you can easily buy a Car in Kabul / Afghanistan from us.

ALT is a family business and our family have been in new and used cars business since 2002  we import both used and brand new cars mostly we import our brand new vehicles from Dubai and we import our used vehicles from USA, Canada, and Germany, which are in a very good physical condition with no more than 50,000 km in the odometer, if you want to buy brand new, or used car in Kabul / Afghanistan for your own use, your organization or company we are here to help you that you can buy your preferred model and condition vehicles we can provide you after sales services such as maintenance, parts and registration.

If you have a dealership and you want to buy used, and salvaged cars or spare parts from United States major auctions and you need support with payments, towing and shipping of your cars, ALT can help you with all these services we can tow and ship your vehicles from all United States major auction and ship it to your preferred destination.

If you want to buy a new or used car, we can help you that you an buy your preferred make and model to contact us please click here