Admin & Finance Manager


Mr. Hakim Jamshady Admin & Finance Manager

Mr. Hakim Jamshady

Admin & Finance Manager

Mr. Hakim Jamshady is the sixth son of the Jamshady ’s family he has started his professional occupation as an Admin & Finance Manager at Afghan Logistics & Tours Pvt.Ltd (ALT) since 2014, Mr. Hakim Jamshady is the youngest son of Jamshady ’s family currently he studies Business Administration in one of Kabul famous universities before Mr. Hakim Jamshady took the responsibility Afghan Logistics & Tours Admin & Finance Management, we were hiring Admin & Finance Manager through vacancies, but we were not getting a good result from outcome of their jobs, but since Mr. Hakim Jamshady stated his carrier with Afghan Logistics & Tours as an Admin & Finance Manager the quality of our administration dramatically changed to positive direction.

Mr. Hakim Jamshady has supported Afghan Logistics & Tours since 2014, and now in charge of our Admin & Finance Department. He is always a professional; he is determined and hardworking. He has a proven track-record and can get the job done; on time, anytime, and anywhere. Through Mr. Hakim Jamshady ‘s actions, Afghan Logistics & Tours has proven operational results from 2014 until the present day. Afghan Logistics & Tours is proud, pleased, and privileged to have him onboard to support us with Admin & Finance Management. Tourists, travelers, companies and clients using Afghan Logistics & Tours will experience relaxed and hassle-free admin & finance services.

Quality of services and responsiveness are offered 24/7; whether it be a land-locked country like Afghanistan, with challenging admin & financial efforts, or any part of the world, you can count on smooth administration and financial service of Afghan Logistics & Tours by support of Mr. Hakim Jamshady.