Our Philosophy

Afghan Logistics & Tours Pvt.Ltd (ALT) believe in responsible business strategies and in contributing to Afghanistan’s fledgling society above and beyond economic value.

Below are some principles we believe in and try wherever possible to realize in our business strategies:

  • Responsible business strategies and sustainable development as Afghanistan is the third poorest country in the world according to the World Bank’s ranking. As such many facilities, roads, places of accommodation and others you may encounter are far below western standards. While Afghan Logistics & Tours only engages trustworthy partners in all aspects of our operations, we still would like you to be aware that certain compromises have to be made compared to the comforts you are accustomed to from home. After thirty-five years of war and conflict Afghanistan is now emerging from the rubbles as a still traditional and fragile society. As such it is important to promote gentle business strategies. With this in mind Afghan Logistics & Tours strongly advocate responsible business, and Tourism services strategies and we strongly encourage our customers to adhere to its principles.

Below are a few points which will help you to be a responsible traveler or investor

  • Before leaving home learn as much as possible about Afghanistan, such as religions, culture, local rules and values. Please refer to our section About Afghanistan for links to other websites and book-recommendations. Do not try to bring your own values there.
  • Learn some language and do not be afraid to use it – simple pleasantries will help break the ice. The two main languages spoken are Dari and Pashto. If you are mainly travelling the north Dari will be prevalent, while Pashto is the lingua franca in the south.
  • Dress respectfully with awareness of local customs. In Afghanistan men should, on no account, wear shorts. Afghans find bare legs offensive. Technically, men’s arms should be covered, too, but there should be no objections to short-sleeve shirts. Women should cover their hair with a scarf, cover their arms and – as a general guideline – dress modestly.
  • Always ask first before photographing or videotaping people.
  • Leave only footprints … take care of the environment. Afghan Logistics & Tours try to do our part by using environmentally friendly methods on various levels while carrying out our trips & services and use as little paper as possible in the communication with our customers.

Such principles should ensure that Afghanistan benefits from travelers and investors rather than suffering the destructive downsides of it.

We at Afghan Logistics & Tours look forward to help you that you can have a successful Tourism or  business journey in Afghanistan do look at the rest of our website and see where we can help you the best with your travel or business strategies.

We are a tried and tested bunch, most of all we are fun & Professional to work with!

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