Why Choose Us

For Tourism & Travel Services in Afghanistan

  • Experience – In over 17 years of providing adventure travel holidays, we have hiked thousands of kilometers with many satisfied customers. Our strong contacts throughout Afghanistan and solid reputation for safety and reliability ensure the support of communities, local airlines, local ministries and other entities on the ground. We have learned the hundreds of little things that make these trips possible – where is the best place to stay in Herat, how to pick you up from the Khyber Pass into Kabul and many others. We have developed partnerships with the most reliable local people – they have been known to go out of their way just to make sure your trip with us is a memorable one.
  • Destinations – We travel to the most outstanding destinations in Afghanistan. We have explored the entire country and have chosen some of the very best places to go – destinations of historical & global significance. Expect stunning scenery, rare wildlife, unusual land forms and exceptional routes through rapids, remote passes and majestic mountain scenery. At the same time we bring you only to safe destinations as we work closely with Afghan National Security NGO (ANSO) and are hence able to stay abreast the latest and factual security situations on the groun.
  • Flexibility – the customer is king – We do not carry a one-size-fits-all approach when conducting our trips. All our trips can be customised to where and what you want to see. We do not have a fixed date for you to travel and you can travel with us as a solo independent traveler or put a group of friends together or join others on the trip. If you travel with us you can choose to stop at almost anywhere along the way before the destination.
  • Great Guides – Afghan Logistics & Tours guides are second to none. We are a family and we treat all our fellow travelers like family. As we live in Afghanistan and know the ground, we are highly experienced and scrupulous, we will bring a wealth of skill and knowledge to each trip. Each guide – one per vehicle – speaks English fluently. We are a fun bunch to work with and have a passion for our country.
  • Our Equipment – We own the vehicles you are traveling in. Having been one of the biggest car importers previously, we service the vehicles ourselves to the highest standards, ensuring a hassle-free trip and the safety of our customers. No other provider can offer this. Each of our vehicles is equipped with the latest in long range communication equipment which keeps the link to the office in Kabul and other vehicles during the entire trip, even in the most remote areas.
  • Our Philosophy – We believe that operating in a country like Afghanistan carries responsibilities towards supporting beneficial development. We at Afghan Logistics & Tours believe in partnering only with people who respect the people who work for them, provide adequate working conditions and do not conduct business which impacts the environment or people’s way of life negatively. We adhere to the principles outlined here.

Prior to each trip we brief our customers on customs and lifestyle issues in Afghanistan so as to only bring respectful travelers who bring the benefits of tourism not its downsides.

  • Our Expertise – We bring along the expertise to turn your trip into memorable & unique adventures. We will bring you to destinations around Afghanistan that have made history, and to a time when Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great and the first Mogul Emperor Babur left their mark in this epic land. A country unseen by many with stories and mysteries that have been locked up for many travelers.

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