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Buy A B6 + Armored Vehicle in Kabul / Afghanistan

When it comes to Afghanistan security and safety is always a concern therefore Afghan Logistics & Tours Pvt. Ltd (ALT) provide a wide-range of Armored Vehicles Sales Solutions for our valued clients, you can buy a latest technology Armored Land Cruiser, Armored Toyota Pickup or any other model from us, where most of other Afghan Armored Car Rental Companies cannot provide you can easily buy an Armored Car in Kabul / Afghanistan from ALT we are in a very strong position to source and supply Armored Vehicles for you, from UAE, and all other manufacturers worldwide, and we are here to help you with registration and maintenance services of your B6 + Armored Vehicle as well.

Note: Afghan Logistics is a Ministry of Interior of Afghanistan ( MOI ) Licensed Armored Vehicle Rental, Sales and Services Company.

ALT is a family business and our family have been in Armored Vehicles business since 2002 we import both used and brand new Armored Vehicles mostly we import our brand new Armored vehicles from Dubai and we import our used Armored vehicles from USA, Canada, and Germany, which are in a very good physical condition with no more than 50,000 km in the odometer, if you want to buy a Armored Vehicle for your own use, your organization or company we are here to help you that you buy your preferred model and condition B6 + Armored Vehicle we can provide you after sales services such as maintenance and registration.
If you need buy customized B6 + level of protection Vehicles, Vans, or Buses we can manufacture them in Dubai and air cargo it to Afghanistan for you.


Below are a few real shot / attack demo pics on one of our B6 Armored Land Cruisers front passenger side door B6 Glass it was shot by insurgents while a client was commuting in this vehicle we have added these pictures here for your review and assurance this shot was done with an AK-47 from a distance of 10 meters this itself guarantees you protection and safety in case of an attach or explosion near you while commuting with one of our B6 Armored Vehicles in Kabul city or across the country.

If you need customized B6 or + level of protection Vehicles, Vans, or Buses we can manufacture it in Dubai and air cargo it to Afghanistan for you.

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