Why Choose Us for Logistics and Goods Supply

  • Afghan Logistics & Tours Pvt.Ltd (ALT) is your total logistics, and trade solution; a family business, with its headquarters in Kabul / Afghanistan and branch offices in Dubai, Turkey, and United States and strong connections in Australia, China , Germany and many other business hub countries providing solutions in the Areas of: Global Logistics & Transportation | Operational & Life Support Services | B6 Armored & Soft Skin Vehicle, Rental, Lease, 24/7 Taxi, Parts & Services and other logistical support upon request experience since 2002.
  • Afghan Logistics & Tours is able to source and supply goods and provide global logistics strategies to and from any part of the world you may need.
  • Afghan Logistics & Tours have a successful track record and will provide you quality services with professionalism. We are available 24/7 to make sure you receive the quality of service you deserve.
  • Companies and clients using Afghan Logistics & Tours will experience relaxed and hassle-free services. Delivery and service responsiveness are offered 24/7; whether it be a land-locked country like Afghanistan, with challenging logistics, or any part of the world, you can count on smooth service delivery, your logistics and goods supply solution is only an e-mail or phone call away from you.
  • Afghan Logistics & Tours headquarters is located in heart of Kabul in Shar e Naw almost five minutes from many NGOS, entities, Embassies and Organization dealing with Afghan Logistics & Tours means on time services and deliveries. Time savings and safety off course at its highest level.
  • Afghan Logistics & Tours high-end Mobile Phone Application , which none of other venders have in Afghanistan will provide you the unique solution to request your instant taxi or make a pre-booking + you can track your taxi and get a detailed e-receipt at end of each trip in your e-mail inbox and at the end of each month an e-invoice via our unique auto invoicing system sent to you by e-mail you can book B6 Armored and Soft Skin taxi via our application and pay cash or by all major credit, and debit cards, to download our application from App Store or Play Store sign up and enjoy our high quality and secure 24 hours taxi services please click here.
  • Afghan Logistics & Tours 24 / 7 Admin & Dispatch Department makes us unique and outstanding to compare with other logistics companies in Afghanistan you can get your phone call answered immediately and e-mail replied within a few minutes around the clock.
  • Our Dedicated Mechanics and Maintenance facility in heart of Kabul in Shar e Naw makes Afghan Logistics & Tours fleet the most reliable transportation solutions among all Afghanistan venders, our mechanics check and conduct a routine maintenance on all our fleet on timely basis and make sure you enjoy the best quality of services you never get from other companies in Afghanistan.
  • Over 16 years of successful business and serving numinous satisfied customers we at Afghan Logistics & Tours learned how hard it is to transfer funds or payments to Afghanistan as our Banking System is still not reached to International Standards all Afghanistan Banks use intermediate banks for wire transfers to and from Afghanistan it takes weeks to reach to a beneficiary therefore Afghan Logistics & Tours made our own Payment Gateway which is integrated in our website and mobile phone application, where you can pay securely by all Major Credit Cards, and Debits Cards and PayPal your payment to Afghan Logistics & Tours is just a click away if you have an invoice or a pending payment from Afghan Logistics & Tours do not worry just click here and pay securely, efficiently and hassle free once your payment is done you will get a system generated confirmation e-mail confirming your successful payment.
  • Afghan Logistics & Tours is part of a group of 7 expanding businesses with active contracts and have its headquarters in Kabul / Afghanistan, and its branch offices United States of America, China, Turkey, and Dubai and have its business networks in Australia, Germany, and many other business hub countries this strong presence in key trade, production, and business hub countries gives us opportunity to trade globally and supply commercial logistics and goods solutions to our business partners and valued clients worldwide, for more detailed information about our services please click here.

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